Miha Rodman News

  • 07/08/2014Three performances of Macbeth after Shakespeare at Almada FEstival, the most important theatre festival in Portugal!


    Macbeth after Shakespeare, Grand Prix Winner at Maribor Theatre Festival in 2009 directed by Ivica Buljan, a co-production of Mini teater Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom and Novo kazalište Zagreb guest performs at 31st International Theatre Festival Almada in Portugal! ‘’This is unquestionably the greatest and most explosive performance of a roaring wreck of a hero /…/ Extremely physical, muscular and loud, Buljan’s minimal production places Macbeth in a bleak, bloody and amoral wasteland where violence begets violence with no end in sight.'', Randy Gener Starring in Heiner Müller’s Macbeth after Shakespeare (translation by Milan Štefe and directed by Ivica Buljan, a co-production of Mini teater Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom and Novo kazalište Zagreb) in Portugal are Marko Mandić, Milena Zupančič, Miha Rodman, Aljaž Jovanović, Jure Henigman, Jose, Stipe Kostanić, Jernej Gašperin and Anže Zevnik. Dramaturg of the performance is Diana Koloini, set design is by son:DA, costume design by Ana Savić Gecan, composer is Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar, choreography by Tanja Zgonc, whereas Robert Waltl acted as a producer.

  • 06/24/2014Deadman traveling to Moscow, Russia.


    Deadman comes for his mistress (Mrtvec pride po ljubico) by Svetlana Makarović, directed by Jernej Lorenci will be performing in the Moscow Puppet Theater on 24.6. at 19:00. We are proud to announce the show has been accepted into the competition program and international show-case program at the Maribor Theater Festival, later in october. Also accepted into the competition program at the "Days of Satire" theater festival in Zagreb, Croatia.

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  • 06/21/2014"Deadman comes for his mistress" wins Special Jury Award


    "Deadman comes for his mistress" wins Special Jury Award at the 38. Days of Satire theater festival in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • 06/01/201425.671 wins Gazeta Wyborcza Torun Award


    25.672 wins the Gazeta Wyborcza Torun Award for the most insightful diagnosis of contemporary reality at the international theater festival Kontakt - Torun, Poland. The original project 25.671 is a performance that confronts the spectator with a reality so sharp and cruel, that only reality itself has the capacity to be so sharp and cruel. With a weighed selection of diverse theatre processes, already deliberated until almost manipulative dimensions, it collages documentary with acted scenes and the personal intimacy of the performers with bits of the wider spiritual fresco of the existing society; and thus with merciless directness demands from all those present the questioning of their conscience, but also uncovers the long forgotten possibility of catharsis.

  • 04/06/2014Šeligo Award goes to 25.671

    Kultura4hires1.jpeg01 730x2

    This years Šeligo Award goes to the production 25.671 of the Prešeren Theater Kranj. The Šeligo Award is delivered annually for the best performance of a Slovene play at the Week of Slovenian Drama. 25.671 is also invited to the following festivals: Theater festival Kontakt in Torun, Poland. Sterijino Pozorje in Novi Sad, Serbia. Montenegro

  • 03/27/2014Opening Night - Deadman comes for his mistress


    To celebrate the World Theater Day and the opening of the Slovenian week of Drama Theater Festival, Prešeren Theater Kranj will be premiering it's latest production Deadman comes for his mistress / Mrtvec pride po ljubico , written by Svetlana Makarovič and directed by Jernej Lorenci. Starring Ana Urbanc, Vesna Pernarčič and Miha Rodman as Anzel (Deadman).

  • 10/28/2013The Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia AWARD 2013 - best performance of the year

    Kultura4hires1.jpeg01 730x470

    We are proud to announce that the production 25.671, directed by Oliver Frlić, received "The Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia AWARD 2013" which is given annually to the best production of the year. The production 25.671 is a show that confronts the viewer with reality so harsh and cruel as only reality itself can be so harsh and cruel. With a considered range of various performing procedures, which extend to an almost manipulative dimensions, it mixes documentary collages with live-action scenes and personal intimacy of the performers with debris of spiritual frescos of an existing society. It requires with merciless directness a questioning of ones own consciousness and at the same time uncovers a long forgotten possibility of catharsis. The production 25.671 sheds light on the unresolved and horrendously volatile position of those who were erased from the records of citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia on 26 February 1992. The consequences of this act were tremendous as the loss of right to permanent residence also meant the loss of various benefits, which brought many a people to the existential edge. The production doesn’t merely focus on the chronology of the erasure but also strives to confront spectators with a certain state of mind and our relation towards the foreign and the unknown, towards fear and contempt. It is time for us to begin reflecting upon the erased. In order to raise the voice outside the theatre hall, the authors walk the thin line between stage and auditorium, between political agitatinion and theatre illusion. A production that is in fact the confrontation of each spectator, each individual, with oneself and with one’s personal attitude.

  • 09/28/2013Harold Pinter: Celebration

    PGK Praznovanje

    Prešeren Theater Kranj's newest production , Harold Pinter: Celebration, directed by Matjaz Zupancic.

  • 09/01/2013Strong Tribe PREMIERE : opening Ex Ponto - International Performing Arts Festival

    Strong Tribe

    Strong Tribe, directed by Ivica Buljan, will premiere on the first of September, in the Opera of Ljubljana, Slovenia as the opening play for the International Theater Festival - Ex Ponto. Staring Miha Rodman as Hubert Bitterwolf.

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  • 06/24/2013Marlene Dietrich - WINS AWARD: LEONE D'ORO (Golden Lion, Umag)

    Promo MD 10

    Marlene Dietrich - Vesna Pernarčič wins best actress award ZLATNI LEV - LEONE D'ORO at the 14th International festival of the chamber theater "Golden Lion" in Umag 2013.

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